Just a thought

Just a thought: It’s true. You can do what you want. Some of us would just rather do what the Lord wills. Don’t let the fruits of someone’s relationship with God lead you to inhabit a spirit of jealousy and envy (on top of all the other issues you have). Their sincere walk with God probably begun a long time ago. The seed was sown at a time when no one even knew their name. Sacrifices have been made. Some have waited patiently for years on the Lord. It took courage. It took perseverance. Some still bear the scars they got from many of the battles. Jacob was still limping from the wound inflicted on him after he had wrestled with the Lord at Peniel. Like Hannah, many tears have been cried and collected in a bottle for the Lord to remember them in their day of trouble (and it’s still ongoing). If their lifestyle is attractive to you, speak to the Lord about it and allow him to also walk with you. If their lifestyle is unattractive to you, pray for them and seek wisdom on how to handle it.

Be careful to not be like Pharaoh. Where was Pharaoh when Moses was humbled by God in the wilderness? Where was Pharaoh when Moses chose to pursue the will of God for his life regardless of his own shortcomings? Where was Pharaoh when the Lord revealed himself to Moses as “I am who I AM”, and Moses took him at his word? So pharaoh, how dare you then try to cross the red sea when MY GOD parted it FOR ME.- Respect the journey! Humble yourself, for you too are called by God, so if you humble yourself and obey, you too shall eat the fruit of the land. You too shall the bear fruits that exemplify Christ. Sometimes the other person is not the only problem. The true state of our hearts are simply revealed, and our focus should really be on how the Lord can help us to be more like him.

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