Match of our Life

24 Hours with the Lord:
When the lord gives you a new perspective on life as you watch the football highlights.

1. Be content with your giftings and work hard to fulfill your ministry. We need you to be the best striker you can be for us to win this match.

2. Team work makes the dream work. Pass the ball when possible. Build up, encourage, rebuke, correct when necessary with the heart to help us achieve the common goal.

3. We have a common goal. We have an opposition that will try to stop us from achieving our goal. But we have been equipped with all we need to win this match. So stay focused. Keep your eye on the ball and lets pursue purpose together. Don’t leave us to play for the other team. If you don’t stay focused on the common goal, you will find yourself allowing the opposition to use you to score an own goal against your own team. So many of us are being used to distract others from the kingdom of God. We look like we are for God but our hearts are fighting against all things God-inspired.

4. Persevere till the end. Mutually encourage eachother in the faith to persevere till the end. 90 minutes is not up, keep going; the end will be glorious. We need know when the game will turn.

5. Use your time wisely. Take your time to reflect; they call it half-time. Make the necessary changes. Your friends may need a replacement. Your habits may need to change. Some disciplines will need to be adopted.

6. If you lose, learn from it and come back better and stronger.

7. Your actions matter. Don’t pursue selfish interest and lead us into a red card. We can’t afford to lose your giftings. Yes, we can play without you. But two heads really us better than one.

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