Heal my Heart…

When you are costantly disappointed, rejected or discouraged by those who are supposed to love you, slowly that becomes your new normal. You start to expect that from everyone around you, including God. Your view on life and basic human relationships becomes distorted. You see life through the eyes of pain and rejection. You “love” out of fear; and question the idea of unconditional love. Can one truly love without breaking your heart every now and again?

But there is truth that came to heal our hearts and change our perspective. Truth that teaches us that we are worthy of His great love. No love can compare to His, and the beauty of it all is that this love chooses us. It chooses the broken, the rejected, those who lived a life of pain and constant disappointment. One of my favourite miracles Jesus performed was in John 9 when he healed the blind man. His disciples askes him who was at fault for the man’s condition. Jesus replied, no one is at fault, it is so that the glory of God will be seen.

Be reminded that your broken family, parent’s divorce, the neglect of the responsibility of those who are supposed to love and care for you is not your fault. Let Jesus heal your heart, and set you free. See dysfunction as it is, and guard your heart from it. Don’t just allow your circumstances to dictate your identity to you. Let the word of God be that which shapes your thinking. Men are not trash, women are not evil. Get rid of that mentality and strive to see yourself and those around you as God sees you.

Allow the glory of God to be seen through your story, however unpleasant it may be, God will work with it and honour your faithfulness to him.


Angela x

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