My Saviour King

God’s greatest gift to us is himself! I can’t believe I said this out loud. I can’t believe how much I mean this statement; how true it is! My heart has learnt to finally believe this statement, and now the words can’t help but roll off my tongue. My eyes are currently in a losing battle against my tear ducts as they uncontrollably roll down my cheeks. My God!!! How faithful is our God. I can truly identity with King David when he speaks of the faithfulness of God in the book of Psalm.

There is no greater love known to mankind, than for one who is without sin to willingly leave his throne to lay down his life for one who is deserving of death. God literally gave us the greatest gift through Christ Jesus. He did not show us love, he gave us love personified. In Christ Jesus, he has given us the fulfilment of every promise, all found in He who has been given the name above all names. Jesus really is a big deal.
This is not meant to be a long post lol so I will keep it short and sweet. As I sat here on my bed, it finally hit me… I too can identify with the woman with the issue of blood. As she touched the hem of Jesus’ clothing hoping to be a beneficiary of the giftings of Jesus, little did she know that she was about receive the greatest gift of all. Little did she know that the touch will lead to so much more than her healing, that it would lead to her being made relevant, an example in faith for others to follow. Little did she know that Jesus doesn’t just give you a piece of Himself; he gives you all of Him. Virtue has left me, he said. In other words, someone is seeking to have me in their life, and for that desire alone, they have my attention.

I love that In Him we find all we need, even the things we were not aware that we needed. I love that he redefines intimacy in a way that we can never understand or comprehend except through Him alone. I love that He is patient with us as we go through this journey of life with Him. I love that He smiles when we finally discover and continuously believe in the truth that God is all we need, and that Jesus is the greatest gift ever made available to us. For our understanding of being living sacrifices and true worshippers develops to a deeper level when we understand and accept this truth. The truth that God’s greatest gift to you and I, was, is, and will forever be Himself through His Son Jesus Christ who’s Holy Spirit is with us now and forever more…


Angela 💞

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